33 Years of hard work

33 Years of hard work - DOLANG-GEOPHYSICAL

As a worldwide leader in the seismic acquisition industry for over 33 years, DOLANG GEOPHYSICAL continues to design, manufacture and support a full range of high-tech integrated equipment for  exploration in land, marine, and down-hole environments.


From its headquarters in Genoa, Italy, as well as its other 2  locations around the globe, DOLANG GEOPHYSICAL is positioned to satisfy the industries' needs for seismic acquisition equipment. Whatever the field conditions, whether at sea, in open country, in the mountains, in the jungle or in the desert, DOLANG engineers and technicians apply the skills they have acquired through long-standing R&D work and experience in the field to constantly push back the limits of seismic acquisition. 

DOLANG GEOPHYSICAL Statements of Excellence: 
Upholding the Standard of Excellence: A culture of continuous improvement in our products, processes, and services through the strong work ethic and innovative spirit of our employees. 
Leadership of the Seismic Industry: Our customer satisfaction, dynamic development of new technology and strategic growth have all played a part in making DOLANG GEOPHYSICAL  the leader it is in the seismic equipment market in Italy.

Commitment to Research & Development: Taking pride in the quality and reliability of the products it produces, DOLANG GEOPHYSICAL   re-invests a large percentage of its yearly revenue back into R & D. and manufactoring.

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