35 Years of hard work

35 Years of hard work - DOLANG-GEOPHYSICAL

As a worldwide leader in the seismic acquisition industry for over 35 years, DOLANG GEOPHYSICAL continues to design, manufacture and support a full range of high-tech integrated equipment for  exploration in land, marine, and down-hole environments.


From its headquarters in Genoa, Italy, as well as its other 2  locations around the globe, DOLANG GEOPHYSICAL is positioned to satisfy the industries' needs for seismic acquisition equipment. Whatever the field conditions, whether at sea, in open country, in the mountains, in the jungle or in the desert, DOLANG engineers and technicians apply the skills they have acquired through long-standing R&D work and experience in the field to constantly push back the limits of seismic acquisition. 

DOLANG GEOPHYSICAL Statements of Excellence: 
Upholding the Standard of Excellence: A culture of continuous improvement in our products, processes, and services through the strong work ethic and innovative spirit of our employees. 
Leadership of the Seismic Industry: Our customer satisfaction, dynamic development of new technology and strategic growth have all played a part in making DOLANG GEOPHYSICAL  the leader it is in the seismic equipment market in Italy.

Commitment to Research & Development: Taking pride in the quality and reliability of the products it produces, DOLANG GEOPHYSICAL   re-invests a large percentage of its yearly revenue back into R & D. and manufactoring.

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We started as a joke in 1984 and once the DBS1 prototype was made, in 1985 we presented the idea at the Salon International des Inventions in GENEVA and with great surprise we took the first prize as the best Italian Innovative IDEA

The award was delivered by Dr. Costanzo Tononi to Dr. Angelo Dometta, the innovative force .... after the voluntary abandonment of Dolmetta in 1995, we continue with other teams through innovative applications under Windows - see ESAC - WIRELESS to adapt to technical solutions which receive approval in international tenders.

DOLANG GEOPHYSICAL, avails itself of dozens of suppliers in which both indigenous and foreign software-house activities stand out with the hardware sector entirely carried out in Genoa.

The management of DOLANG GEOPHYSICAL production and research has made agreements with a new company that will deal with the promotion and sale of DOLANG products and accessories such as: special seismic cables, geophones and software dedicated to geological and geophysical activities. Furthermore, the organization of conferences and seminars dedicated to geophysics, in collaboration with Italian and foreign professionals, through a calendar of training events, dedicated to Italian and foreign students and professionals, will also be a priority. Particular attention will be paid to the link of social network sites, such as facebook, linkedln, tweeter, ect. so as to dispel operational doubts about the appropriate use of the instruments and their practical implications.

Therefore, DOLANG GEOPHYSICAL will remain in its historical position as a research and development center for new technologies, in the field of geophysics applied to civil engineering, it will continue to produce prototypes with pre-series and final production of virtual instruments on the JEA247E 24-bit platform. .

Another field of activity will be the continuation of the research sector dedicated to Wireless systems, through GPRS, UMTS and other networks technologies. And an added sector of research of optimization of alternative energies. Photovoltaic and other sources.

The reader is reminded that DOLANG was originally the logo to mean:
DO = do LAN = Local Area Network G = great
in other words to make the local network larger, the author referred to the network of local knowledge of a professional in this case the geologist, with the intention of broadening knowledge and job opportunities. Today more valid than ever.
After more than 33 years of extremely positive activity, DOLANG is well known in Italy, Europe has seen growth somewhat muted, in fact the Spanish target is well underway but, for example France, awaits systems sophisticated such as ESAC, for medium - high seismic applications, followed by Switzerland which in any case up to now has chosen US products that are known to be avant-garde. Big development has been done in the Middle East after based in Amman in Jordan, we have created a production and commercial development organization that goes from Iraq to Morocco, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Bahrain So for Turkey and Kurdistan and other nations. In South America we have carried out marketing involving many nations, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia. Do not forget the strong development in Romania and Spain linked to Peru - Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Cyprus, Bulgaria,
I would like to remind you that DOLANG back in 1986, with a Zenith notebook with two 3 "floppies, had produced the DBS1 Seismograph still in business, the computer + AD + sensor philosophy had shown the world that virtual products could be made, confirming of this in 2000 Geometrics put on the market a similar thing "Geode", in the meantime the DOLANG technology has gone on to produce a low cost system that emulates the very expensive equipment for oil research, totally telemetry.
Making innovations in Italy is really hard, but you will see some good ones, with the new Iit Research Center in Genoa, DOLANG is preparing to give a shot in the tail, further involving the Universities both from the technological and from the didactic point of view.
In India and Sry Lanka we have our representatives and so in Indonesia, with China there are excellent relationships as suppliers, with a very positive trend. Also present in Canada .... in short, we move around the world, thanks to our customers, both historical and current.



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